Tanzanite – Birthstone For December Month

Tanzanite needs millions of years to be formed; actually, the age of this gemstone is estimated at 585 millions of years. Discovered in 1967, this gemstone is now known worldwide and became quickly popular which explains why the prices increased so fast.

What makes it so attractive is not only the color but also the exclusivity because we can find it only in northern Tanzania, which makes it pretty rare. Actually, Tanzanite and Sapphire are the most popular blue gems of the market. Some people like Sapphire but prefer to buy Tanzanite because of the lower price and color’s similarity.

It is particularly advised to accord it with gold (yellow, white), especially on tanzanite earrings where the beauty of the gemstone is really revealed. We can even speak about magnificence as we know that its color is one of the more extravagant in the world. Tanzanite is what we can call a “pleochroic” gem: it means that the color of the stone seems different depending of the angle we look at it.

This gem shows a strong trichroism, which means that the gem shows different colors when viewed from different directions, generally shades of blue, violet and burgundy. We are the supplier of natural tanzanite gemstone and tanzanite jewelry items.

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