Red Garnet – Birthstone For January Month

Red Garnet is most beautiful gemstone used with Gold. This is said on the basis of our personal experience from the gemstone industry that ‘There is no other gemstone more beautiful than Red Garnet to be used with yellow gold.’

Red garnet obviously belongs to garnet family but it is more expensive than Green garnet, Orange garnet, Rhodolite and many more. Mostly garnet comes from every part of the World. Yes, you read it right. Garnet can be found in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Brazil, USA, Africa and in so many other places. The quality & types of garnet are different everywhere.

The hardness of Red garnet is 7, hence it is very easy to cut in any shape and size. At Infinity Gems Art, you can find Red garnet in 1 MM to 10 MM size or may be more bigger than this size along with any type of cut. Due to 7 hardness, it is very easy to set Red garnet. 

Garnet was first found in 17th century and because of its color, the name was Garnet. It is also known as “2nd Anniversary Stone”. 

Red garnet brings brightness and performance in human nature. It is a positive energy gemstone. You can use this gemstone for positive attitude and better performance.

Garnet represents faith, love and constancy. Garnet may provide directional guidance in the darkness, which makes it ideal for frequent travelers.

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