Opal – Birthstone For October Month

Traditionally, the market of Opal was mainly handled by Australia, but since few decades, Ethiopia revealed a lot of these stones in their mines. This has been a huge transformation in the business because Ethiopian Opal suppliers are nowadays big players of the gemstone market. As its name suggests it, this gemstone only comes from Ethiopia as the majority of Ethiopian Opal suppliers which then export it all over the world.

Becoming more popular years after years, this gem is now recognized worldwide and used in diverse rings, earrings, necklaces. This new gemstone can be sorted in ranges from opaque to translucent, knowing that the best quality gems are translucent. Colors appear on its white body as a large display from red to orange through blue, green, pink. It may remind to some people the Northern Lights noticeable over the Arctic Circle.

At Infinity Gems Art, we provide high-quality natural loose gemstones and jewelry of Ethiopian Opal in order to please your jewels and your eyes. We are supplier of natural Ethiopian opal. It is wisely advised to wear this gem as a ring or a necklace, but one have to be careful and do not wet it. In contact with water, this gem becomes translucent. On one hand, it is easier to see the game of colors, but on the other hand, the effect is not always reversible.

Softer than Quartz, this gemstone’s hardness varies from 5.5 to 6.5. The rainbow of colors dancing around when one moves the stone is the result of the effect of the light hurting the spheres of the stone. More than just Northern Light’s colors, the Ethiopian Opal makes its difference by sometimes showing all the rainbow colors which is absolutely magnificent. People usually purchase and wear this gem to symbolize the variety and the happiness of living. This stone may bring faithfulness and confidence to its wearers. Opal necklaces in particular are thought to guard against evil and protect eyesight.