Citrine – Birthstone For November Month

Today we are writing about Citrine gemstone. Citrine is a quartz family stone. The word Citrine came from Latin word ‘Citrina’, which means Yellow. It comes from Pale Yellow to Golden Yellow, Deep Yellow and Brown color. There is very big range of colors of Citrine gemstone. 

Citrine comes in both treated and natural manners. The most important thing to make a note of is that Citrine gets found along with Amethyst. Wherever you can find Amethyst, you can find Citrine as well. Amethyst turns into Citrine by Heat. The heat treatment is done at a low temperature so there is no difference between a natural Citrine and treated one.

Hardness of Citrine is 7 and the special gravity is 2.6 to 2.7. Citrine gets found in Bolivia, Brazil, Uruguay, France, India and Madagascar. This gemstone is also known as ‘Marchant Stone’ or ‘Money Stone’.

Citrine is a symbol of Prosperity and it is used to promote wealth mostly. It removes negative energy and also beneficial in stomach problem. Citrine is a birth stone of November. People also use Citrine as the substitute of Yellow sapphire.

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