Amethyst – Birthstone For February Month

Today we are sharing some useful details of Amethyst gemstone. Amethyst is one of the most famous gemstones of the World. It belongs to quartz family. Hardness of the Amethyst is around 7, hence it is very easy to cut this gemstone in any shape or size. The natural color of Amethyst is from pale to dark purple, but it changes the color from purple to white at 250 degree heat and at 500 degree heat it changes to pale yellow color gemstone Citrine.

One of the most important facts about Amethyst is that – it can’t be dyed as quartz can’t be dyed. Amethyst mainly comes from Brazil, but it can also be found in Uruguay, Bolivia and Africa. The best color (i.e. the dark color) of this gemstone comes from Africa.

Amethyst is used to fight against the darkness. It also supposed to be beneficial for houses. People use this gemstone to get better memory and positive attitude.

Amethyst signifies peace, temperance, serenity and royalty. Wearing this birthstone during the month of February may strengthen relationships and provide courage when it is needed.

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